Event Info 2017

Most of the information below is from the Party Co-op 2016, but most of it won’t change! Stay tuned for updated information about the third annual Party Co-op!

Date: TBD

Time: 8:00PM to 1:00AM

Where: The ANZA Club, 3 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

2016 Member Contribution:  $12.00

Who: My friends and your friends… ’cause your friends are my friends, and my friends are your friends…  and the more we get together the happier we’ll be! (Musical reminder…)

How to Join:

Option 1 – Click here to contribute by credit card

Option 2 – Debit/Paypal payment:  For each person you want to get a ticket for, transfer $12 through email or paypal to davidrmackenzie@gmail.com — and he will count you in and reserve the spot(s) for you on Eventbrite!

Option 3 – If we don’t sell out beforehand, tickets will be available at the door for $15.00 — CASH ONLY. (You can still buy tickets at the door on your smart phone for $12 – we just aren’t set up to make a lot of change.)

Capacity of Venue: 130 people

Drinks: Cash bar is provided by the ANZA Club.

Food: The ANZA Club doesn’t have a kitchen, but we are allowed to bring in food. If you feel inspired to bring some food to share throughout the evening, we’d love to have a potluck of snacks around.

Music: Jamie Nesbitt of James Audio Video is the official DJ of the Party Co-op, and if you went to the first Party Co-op, you already know that he is awesome!

Questions: Contact Dave and Sarah at partycoopinfo@gmail.com


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