How did the Party Co-op start?

We (Sarah and Dave) came up with the idea for the Party Co-op in the summer of 2013. We both used to rent houses in the suburbs, and we used to love throwing parties in those houses. We live in Vancouver apartments now, and we miss being able to gather our extended community… and their extended community…

We came up with the idea to rent a space in Vancouver that allows us to gather our friends and their friends together. And, to cover the costs of this more costly option, we came up with the idea of a cooperatively funded party.

What do you mean by cooperatively funded?

We organize the event and do our best to estimate all the costs, and then, everyone who wants to come pays a membership contribution to support throwing the party. The idea is that everyone who comes to the party is throwing the party. In true co-op fashion, no one profits; everyone chips in to make the private dance party possible!

All financial information is available on this website for everyone to see.

How do I join in?

It’s our second year, and we are once again using Eventbrite to collect contributions, manage numbers, and make sure we don’t have more people than the capacity of the Anza Club!  If you want to pay by credit card, you can click here to grab tickets through Eventbrite.

Prefer to pay by debit or paypal? No problem! For each person you want to get a ticket for, transfer $12 through email or paypal to davidrmackenzie@gmail.com — and Dave will count you in and reserve the spot(s) for you on Eventbrite!

You don’t need to worry about printing your ticket because we will be using the Eventbrite app at the door.

If we don’t sell out beforehand, there will also be tickets available at the door for $15.00 — CASH ONLY.

Don’t forget to invite your friends to join too!

When will there be Party Co-op events?

We hope to throw a Party Co-op every year in mid-to-late Winter. Our hope is that the Party Co-op community (participants and organizers) will grow with each passing year, and that everyone will look forward to coming together with new and old friends at the party each year.

Who will be in the Party Co-op?

We are inviting our friends, and we are hoping our friends (you!) will invite more friends — and that maybe even those friends will invite friends. We want to fill the ANZA Club with good people and create a space where you can see old friends and make new friends for many years to come.

What will the party be like?

A house party without the house. A wedding dance party without the wedding. A night out dancing without the club scene.

In our first year, we started a tradition of building a giant kitchen out of refrigerator boxes. Why? Because at a house party, everyone likes to hang out in the kitchen.

We love the idea of the Party Co-op being an event that attracts extroverts and introverts alike. The ANZA Club has lots of comfy places to sit, a great dance floor, and our DJ is awesome!

Simply: Good people gathering to have a great time.

More questions?

Let us know! Email us at partycoopinfo@gmail.com. If we end up getting a lot of questions, we will create an FAQ page, because we would love for this website to address all your Party Co-op queries!

Cooperative & Party Defined:

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 10.12.32 PM

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 10.14.58 PM

The End!


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