Party Co-op 2016 – A great success!

The second annual Party Co-op took place at the ANZA club on Saturday, March 5, and it was another awesome night of cooperative party throwing! We’ve already received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, and it has us stoked for next year! Some people have asked us about getting more involved so we wanted to write a bit about that because our hope is that, over the years, more people will take a role in cooperatively making the cooperative party happen. Here are some of the tasks involved with throwing the Party Co-op:

  • Promotion
    • Updating the website, making a Facebook event, reaching out to friends, reaching out to friends again, etc.
  • Ticket Sales
    • Setting up ticket sales (currently using Eventbrite), getting money for a float at the door, organizing a way to track sales and manage capacity on the night of
  • Kitchen Building & Poster Making
    • Dollar store run for supplies, trip to Richmond to get appliance boxes, building, creating and decorating at the ANZA club the afternoon before the party for a few hours
  • Snacks
    • A Costco run to grab snacks
  • Finding a door person
    • It can be challenging to find someone who wants to work the door but doesn’t want to come to the party!
  • Clean up
    • Packing up food, disassembling the kitchen, and all the other odds and ends that need to be done at the end of the night.

If you’d like to become more involved with Party Co-op, we’d love to hear from you! You could take on one of the tasks listed above, or maybe you have some other ideas for things to add to the party. Send us an email with any ideas or offers. We may not respond quickly in the “off-season” but we’ll get back to you in time for Party Co-op 2017!

Other ways to support the Party Co-op?

  1. Help cover costs
    • The Party Co-op costs about $1,200 to run. If the party runs at a loss, there are currently two people covering that loss. We’ve had another person step up and offer to take on a share. He suggested trying to get 10 or so people together so that the potential loss per person becomes quite low. We thought it was a great idea! We’ve pretty much broken even our first two years, but that has been in part due to some generous donations.
  2. Support Jamie Nesbitt, the Party Co-op DJ
    • Speaking of generous donors, Jamie is awesome, and he DJ’s the Party Co-op for a rate well below market rates. Why? He thinks the co-op is an awesome idea. He runs a live events company called James Audio Video, which offers audio and video services for events like weddings, corporate functions, and other events. Hire him or recommend him to friends or like his company page on Facebook!
  3. Throw a party at the Party Co-op!
    • Not sure what to do for your birthday? Have it at the Party Co-op! In 2016, we had two birthday parties at the Party Co-op!

That’s all from us for now! See you next year!

Sarah & Dave
Party Co-op Founders



Party Co-op Returns!

We’re throwing another Party Co-op on Saturday, March 5, 2016, and we want you to be there! Once again we’ll be at the ANZA Club and Jamie Nesbitt of James Audio Video will be our awesome DJ!

We’re currently in the process of updating this site. All the important information should be updated, but we’re also hoping to add some new videos and photos from the first Party Co-op. Stay tuned!

Click here to grab tickets through Eventbrite!

 Here’s a fun little video a friend made after the Party Co-op in 2014:

The Party Co-op – Video introduction

We would have loved to tell each and everyone of you about this party in person, and we hope that with this short video clip — face-to-screen-face — you will feel almost like we are!

What’s Party Co-op?
NB: Some ticket information has changed since we made this video. Check out Event Info 2014 for up-to-date information on tickets!

Why are we getting together?

What are we celebrating?

We hope you’re excited!

If you still have questions after watching, explore the website, send us an email at, or comment on this post.  And, like the Party Co-op on Facebook to stay in touch as the excitement continues to build!